The Future

Vision: Community stakeholders recognize ROC the Future as an effective catalyst for improving the academic achievement of children in the City of Rochester .

Mission: ROC the Future is an alliance of over 60 leading Rochester-area institutions and community partners that promotes alignment of community resources to improve the academic achievement of Rochester’s children.

We will achieve this by collective impact.  Collective impact amplifies the efforts of funders and providers of all types through dedicated staff and a structured process.  The process includes a common agenda (focus on reading at grade level by third-grade), shared measurement (ROC the Future 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Report Cards), evidenced-based practice, continuous communication and mutually reinforced activities among all participants (Collaborative Action Networks), mobilizing resources, and increasing equity.  Collective impact relies on sustained funding of backbone organization(s) to provide staff to manage the coalition, its activities, communications, and measurement efforts.

What is ROC the Future?

ROC the Future is a community cradle to career framework for improving academic achievement for children in the city of Rochester, NY, based on the data-driven StriveTogether framework from Cincinnati. The first focus for ROC the Future is third-grade literacy, building on the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Campaign for Grade Level Reading, which prioritizes three areas: 1) school readiness 2) attendance  and 3) expanded learning opportunities.

Rochester Area Community Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Leonard chairs the alliance. In August of 2015, Jackie Campbell became the 2nd alliance director providing strategic leadership and project management. A conveners group provides a forum for decision-making among alliance partners. A number of background organizations provide staff support. Center for Governmental Research (which produced the October 2012 report, “What Supports Third Grade Reading in Rochester?”), ACT Rochester, and Children’s Institute provide data and research support.  The Greater Rochester Quality Council assists with Collaborative Action Network facilitation and quality processes in all alliance activities. The Children’s Agenda provides advocacy for policies and evidences-based practices that support improved academic achievement and houses alliance staff.

ROC the Future encompasses six Collaborative Action Networks. The Collaborative Action Networks include pre-existing and newly formed groups of stakeholders.  Each network has taken on responsibility to develop and implement action plans to improve academic achievement along the cradle to career continuum.

The Perinatal Network focuses on children from conception to age 2.  This network is developing action plans to heal parent, child, and community trauma and address the need for effective, developmentally supportive parenting and safe and stable housing.

The School Readiness Network focuses on children age 3 to 5.  This network is implementing their plan to provide comprehensive developmental screening to all three-year-olds.  They are also developing an action plan to build capacity to address provider shortages related to expanding screening.

The Attendance Network is focusing on reducing chronic absence among K to 3 students in target elementary schools.

The Expanded Learning Opportunities Network is developing a Youth Program Quality Initiative to provide professional development that supports continuous improvement of out-of-school time offerings.  This network has also identified a way to measure social-emotional learning in out-of-school settings and is supporting use of this measure of program quality throughout the provider network.

The College Access Network is scaling up support to students for filing college financial aid forms and offering college visits for 10th grade students.  This network is also expanding resources on their website.  This network has plans to offer college access activities to students in 8th grade to 12th grades.

The Parent Engagement Network launched March 2016 is working to improve the engagement of parents and families.

ROC the Future is committed to engaging parents, students, and the community in efforts to improve academic achievement.  Please see the most recent report card measuring our progress and some of ROC the Future’s recent accomplishments and media coverage

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