ROC the Future Conveners


Action for a Better Community, represented by

  • Jerome Underwood

Center for Governmental Research*, represented by

  • Erika Rosenberg

The Children’s Agenda*, represented by

  • Jeff Kaczorowski
  • Larry Marx

Children’s Institute*, represented by

  • Dirk Hightower (School Readiness Outcome Team)
  • Terry Hartmann

City of Rochester, represented by

  • Mayor Lovely Warren
  • Sandra Simon
Common Ground Health, represented by
  • Wade Norwood
  • Dina Faticone

Congressman Joe Morelle, represented by

  • Sean Hart
East High School in Partnership with the University of Rochester, represented by
  • Shaun Nelms, ROC the Future Chair
  • Lorna Washington
ESL Federal Credit Union, represented by
  • Ajamu Kitwana
  • Maureen Wolfe

Farash Foundation, represented by

  • Alicia Jinks
  • Holli Budd

Great Schools for All, represented by

  • John Wilkinson

Greater Rochester Health Foundation, represented by

  • Matthew Kuhlenbeck
  • Heidi Burke

Greater Rochester Quality Council*, represented by

  • Nancy Plews

Healthy Baby Network, represented by

  • Sherita Bullock (Perinatal Collaborative Action Network) 

Ibero American Action League, represented by

  • Angelica Perez-Delgado

JPMorgan Chase, represented by

  • Matthew Duncan

Monroe Community College, represented by

  • Andrea Wade
  • Shawanda Evans

 Monroe County, represented by

  • Corinda Crossdale
Nazareth College, represented by
  • Daan Braveman
  • Katie DaBoll-Lavoie
North East Charter School Network, represented by
  • Anna Hall
  • Aaron Gladd

NYS Senate, represented by

  • Senator Joe Robach

Rochester Area Community Foundation*, represented by

  • Jennifer Leonard
  • Simeon Banister
  • Chris Dandino (Expanded Learning Opportunities Collaborative Action Network)

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce , represented by

  • Adrian Hale

Rochester City School Board, represented by

  • Van White

Rochester City School District, represented by

  • Superintendent Terry Dade
  • Cecilia Golden (High School Graduation Outcome Team)

Rochester Education Foundation, represented by

  • Stuart Hencke (College Access Collaborative Action Network)

Rochester Educational Opportunity Center, represented by

  • Roosevelt Mareus

Rochester Public Library, represented by

  • Patricia Uttaro, ROC the Future Secretary

St. John Fisher College, represented by

  • Kevin Railey
  • Diane Cooney-Miner

The College at Brockport, represented by

  • Heidi Macpherson
  • Katy Heyning

The United Way, represented by

  • Jaime Saunders
  • Jenn Cathy

*Provides backbone staff support