Collective impact takes a collective effort. We’re inspiring Rochester community leaders and partners to work together to motivate our community. Together, we can improve the odds that all our children succeed in school and in life.
Information is a powerful tool when used to focus attention on critical issues. ROC the Future gathers, analyzes, and shares information on the state of education in Rochester. Our partners use this information to guide improvement and measure progress.
ROC the Future is committed to improving academic achievement in Rochester. Equipped with information about what works, we can coordinate and align resources, to inspire our community, and help our children succeed.

ROC the Future is a collaborative community-wide initiative. Our mission is to promote alignment and focus community resources to improve the academic achievement of children in the City of Rochester.  ROC the Future is part of StriveTogether, a national network of communities supporting the success of every child from cradle to career through a focus on a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication and mutually reinforcing activities among all participants for collective impact, mobilizing resources, and increasing equity.

ROC the Future works through Collaborative Action Networks tasked with identifying appropriate measurements, goals, and detailed action plans to improve outcomes. ROC the Future is also committed to engaging parents, students, and the community in efforts to improve academic achievement. See the most recent report card measuring our progress and some of ROC the Future’s recent accomplishments  and media coverage.